Value Analysis & Value Engineering

Dynacast is expert in the design of die castings utilizing Value Analysis and Value Engineering techniques to optimize cost savings. With experiencebased on over 30 years of manufacturing tools, Dynacast has produced billions of die castings in more than 50,000 different designs.

Often, die casting is not the designer's initial choice for manufacture of a component. Other methods commonly used are pressing, stamping, turning, machining, facbricating, assembly or molding.

Die casting is the engineering alternative. It can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, often leading to major const savings, not only in the piece price itself but also in overall cost of production, including assembly, secondary operations and inventory.



Cost effective, high volume production with part-to-part consistency

Withstands high operating temperatures

Tight tolerances achieved as-cast

Good corrosion resistance

Manufacture of complex net shapes, including external threads and complex internal features with minimal draft angles, there by minimizing secondary operations

Aluminum and magnesium offer lightweight options with excellent stiffness-to-strength weight ratio

Multiple parts can be combined into a single component, eliminating assemble operations and lowering labor cost, with the added benefits of simplication of stock control and greater component consistency

High strength and hardness

Allows variable wall thicknesses, casting of features for component positioning and ribs for heat dissipation

Outstanding EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) shielding properties

Achieves shortest distance between raw material and finished parts

High thermal conductivity

Fast production cycle times

High electrical conductivity

Reduction in material scrap

Zinc and magnesium have high dimensional accuracy and stability

Long tool life, especially for zinc and magnesium

Zinc and magnesium have excellent thin-wall capability


Lower tool cost on multi-slide process for zinc and magnesium


Zinc offers low cost material


Good finishing characteristics


Fully recyclable