Advanced Engineering

Dynacast is at the forefront of the die casting industry in engineering and process technology. Although our roots lie in our proprietary multi-slide die casting process, we are equally as strong in the field of conventional hot and cold chamber die casting methods.

Integrating Computer Aided Design into our structured project management methods, we support customers from concept, through prototyping, tooling and pre-production stages, into full-scale manufacturing. Right-first-time components, produced through advanced quality and planning, reduce overall time-to-market and achieve major cost savings for our customers.

At the core of the systems used by Dynacast is the ProEngineer suite of advanced 3-D modeling software which is standardized throughout the Group for the purpose of designing and manufacturing components, castings and tools.

Our early involvement with customers' design engineers ensures that component designs are optimized for the die casting process. Using virtual prototyping and simulation techniques such as Finite Element Analysis, engineers can examine how a component will operate in service and investigate different design possibilities without the need for physical parts.