Who We Are

Dynacast Germantown Shipping Facility

Dynacast International is a global manufacturer of small, engineered metal components. We utilize proprietary die cast and metal injection molding technologies and offer creative solutions to companies in automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, hardware, telecom and many other industries. We engineer precision components by combining extensive engineering knowledge with our specialized manufacturing systems. We help companies around the world save money by identifying components and assemblies in their products that can be redesigned or consolidated using one of our manufacturing techniques. We have a history of delivering value to our customers through our engineering expertise, efficient operations and Advanced Quality Planning systems.

Our Industrial Products Division produces low cost, zinc alloy fasteners and standard components including wing nuts, cap nuts, panel nuts, conduit nuts, pallet nuts, rings, plugs, connectors, anchors and inserts. We also specialize in Injection Molded Rubber and Compression Molding to develop and deliver custom rubber and elastomer parts that will meet your individual business requirements.

With Global Headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Dynacast operates 22 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries around the world.